Exercises for varicose veins of the lower legs - gymnastics at home

Did you know lower back varicose veins occur in the youngest children and develop during fetal development. The disease is not limited to the elderly. It occurs in half of the world’s population. Are you in this circle? Then we took our legs in our hands and learned exercises for varicose veins on the lower legs. She does gymnastics at home with her own hands.

Some features of training

Therapeutic training for varicose veins is not the only method of therapy. Modern technology makes it possible to destroy disease with laser or radio frequencies, but this is not where the foot grows out of trouble. The triggering mechanism is the backflow of blood with venous valve disruption.

Exercise therapy (along with contrast showers, aqua aerobics and massage) can direct the blood supply in the lower part of the body in the right direction, activating it. Gymnastics with varicose veins is useful for improving the tone of the venous wall, normalizing arterial blood flow to the affected limb.

But there are a few important things:

  • Exercises for varicose veins on the lower legs should be started from the upper body: from the neck, arms, shoulders;
  • Don’t ask yourself an overload, monitor your well -being during exercise therapy;
  • Classes are held twice a day. Systematic things;
  • You need to start with a teacher who will teach you ways not to harm when doing physical therapy. Don’t rely on video bloggers: not doctors can show training on video, but only people with problems like you, but without professionalism.

What exercises should not be done with varicose veins:

  • Jump (remove rope);
  • Press, strength training (dumbbells, barbells);
  • Power connection;
  • Squat weighted, active, fast;
  • Long -distance running, speed;
  • Body flexion, he continued;

Therapeutic exercise anytime, anywhere

exercise for varicose veins

Did you know that gymnastics with varicose veins can be done in any situation, sometimes you do not need to allocate time for it. Here are some good steps during payment:

  1. If you sit for a long time, stand on your toes, lower them sharply. After doing this two dozen times, we stopped, waited ten seconds. Let's make two more sets;
  2. Put one foot on the toe. Extend it so that it forms a right angle with the ankle standing upright. Repeat with the other leg. For each one, several dozen elevators;
  3. Stand up, hold the back of the office chair with your hands, hold the left heel with the other, pull to the back. Stretching the front of the thigh you need as well.

Exercises for varicose veins on the lower legs at home, you can do in bed:

  • Waking up, we do not pull the blanket over ourselves, but the toes, we lean backwards;
  • We turned in all directions on foot;
  • With the feet, we make a movement in a circle: we pull the sock to ourselves, we direct it away from us.

The first time we perform each movement a maximum of five times. After getting used to it, we increased it to ten.

Morning set of exercises against varicose veins

  • Gymnastics for varicose veins starts with the upper body.
  • We stretch the neck (twist, tilt the head). Don’t be heroic, don’t force the load: there should be no pain.
  • Slowly descend to the shoulder belt. We waved our hands, twisted them, leaned to the right and left, turned our bodies.
  • To warm up the back, a less active deep inclination is required. When this part of the body gets hot, you can lean lower. Do a "cat" backwards, forwards, bending backwards, cat-kaw (we stand on all fours, bend the spine, round it).

And now you can do the complexes recommended for your disease

  1. Let's start with squatting. They are recommended for conditionally disease.
  2. We spread our legs shoulder width apart, squatting slowly. It is necessary that the pelvis was parallel to the floor. If it’s still hard to squat, you don’t have to be heroic. Return to such a movement in a month and a half.
  3. Let's do a swing. We waved backwards, sideways, forwards. The main thing here is caution and accuracy. Five times for each direction is enough.
  4. Next, let’s rotate the weight with the legs. It is important to hold on to the chair here. We lean on the left leg, bring the other to the side. We spin in, then out. Five times is enough. We make a movement with the left.
  5. Roll from toe to heel. This is the end of the complex.
  6. Let's go to the floor. We do "scissors" plus "bikes" from school programs in physical education.
  7. If you have a fitball, lift your hamstring upwards as you rotate it under you. Add tone to the vessel, making it painless and soft.
  8. We rotate with our backs up, lift our legs, both simultaneously, and so on. This should be simple and easy to do.

15 exercises against varicose veins: gymnastics for veins

There is a popular and effective complex called 15 exercises against varicose veins.

Instead of warming up, sit with your knees bent. Perform the movement 4 to 8 times. If you are not in good shape or feel unwell, you can reduce physical education to a minimum. It is more important to do everything here.

Let's start standing

  • We stood upright, legs placed parallel. Thirty times we get up on our feet, we get down. Leaving the heels together, we spread the socks on the sides, repeating the lift in this position (again three dozen times). Now bring your toes together and spread your heels. Repeat your lift. You can finish by walking on the floor, socks cannot be removed from it;
  • We put the elbows, shoulders with the forearms at the seams, bringing the hips together. Exhaling slowly, we took our shoulders back. While inhaling, we rest them, and tilt our heads forward;
  • similar spWe inhale, we rise with our toes. Exhale, return to starting position;
  • We did not change the initial position. Take a deep breath, stand on your toes, lift your hips. We exhaled, taking a "swallow" pose. We repeat with the second leg.
  • Bend your knees, place your heels on the chair. We let go and bent one leg, then the other;
  • The same starting pose. We didn’t tear leg by foot from our chair, we twisted it in both directions;
  • We lay down, elbows at the seams. We straighten our legs, lift them, do leg rotations both to the side and from ourselves to ourselves;
  • I. p. used. We climbed the birch, we spread the hips, brought them along, moved them both from ourselves and towards ourselves;

We keep lying

Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins should be done with the abdomen up.

Let's start with the bike. It will increase blood flow, be a good exercise.

  • Without changing the starting position, we inhale, bending the left knee to make an acute angle. We pull the knees to the chest. We exhale, give the legs a straight vertical position, lower them. Now it's the turn of the right foot;
  • We lay down, our feet placed on the floor, we bent our knees to a sharp angle, we put our hands on our hips. Inhaling, we lift the body with the head, we reach the knees or towards them. Exhale, slowly return to starting position at this rate;
  • The same sp, but we put our hands on the stitches. We inhale, we retract the abdominal muscles, we exhale and inflate.

Lie on your side

  • Gymnastics for legs with varicose veins on the lower part of the leg is first performed from the left, then from the right. Such movements can be performed up to ten times.
  • Straight legs. We lean on the left hand, place the right foot on the floor in front of the knee of the left foot, take the lower foot with the right hand. We bend the left leg towards us, lift the leg. We descended slowly;
  • We did not change the starting position. Support on right elbow. Both palms are placed on the ground. We bend the right leg, stretch the other forward, bend it at the foot, pull his fingers as much as possible towards us. We strained both legs, straightened the free one and lifted it, lowered it slowly, forbidden to place it on the floor.

After the complex, it is good to conduct a contrast bath and use a good remedy.

Let's rest the veins

exercise scissors for varicose veins

With varicose veins, it is important to rest the legs, unloading vessels. Here are some movements designed just for that.

  • We lay on the floor, we gather the legs in a right angle, the feet pressed to the floor, the elbows with the forearms pressed to the hips. Pull slowly, lift the upper body and head. The palms of the hands slowly slide over the hips (up to the knees). We let out the air slowly, we came to the starting position.
  • To unload the ship, we lay on our backs, rested, closed our eyes, breathed very deeply. And the feet themselves are on top of the body. To do this, place a hard pillow under it;
  • Lie on your back, stretch your knees, exhale, bend your legs. Pull back the abdominal muscles, exhale, develop the muscles;
  • I. p. same. We took the pillow with our feet, raising it to the body, so that we got a 30 -degree angle. We sucked so that the lower back was not bent, and the back came off the floor slightly. We exhale, we come to a prone position with legs and arms outstretched;
  • Standing and stretching your arms straight, we rose with our toes. We stood with our feet full on the floor.

Other sports

Physical education with this disease does not end with exercise therapy. Experts believe that physical activity for vascular disease is permissible if you choose it correctly. It all depends on the stage of development of the disease. Useful for you:

  • Bike (leave the pedals slightly lower than the length of your legs). Travel normalizes lymph flow, strengthens the walls of diseased vessels with capillaries, normalizes blood circulation;
  • Swimming, water aerobics, water soccer. For problems with veins, this is appropriate: the load on the lower part of the body is minimal here, and a water massage is useful;
  • Run. It is not fatal for varicose veins: it depends on the type of run. Marathons, sprints, intervals or fartlek are better not to do. We choose a treadmill or jogging, where hematopoiesis and blood circulation improve. Any run is prohibited if there is thrombophlebitis;
  • Nordic walking. The benefits are similar to jogging;
  • Elliptical trainer, ski. The load for the feet is slight here, but takes up to four steps per second.

The choice of sport depends on the stage of the disease. In the first stage, everything can be done (don’t do powerlifting or weightlifting). At level two, yoga with Pilates or stretching is appropriate. For the third, cover the vessel with compression clothing. Do not engage in martial arts, dancing, jumping, running.

Sports with vasodilation are compatible if chosen correctly.