Laser treatment of varicose veins

In medicine, more and more often for the treatment of varicose veins, minimally invasive methods to combat the disease are used. This method is called endovasal laser coagulation of varicose veins (EVLK). Thanks to manipulation, people with varicose veins recover from the disease, achieving maximum results. Laser treatment of varicose veins is an easy way to treat the disease with minimal health risks. After treatment, complications and relapses are very rare.

Increasingly, doctors are offering patients to remove varicose veins with a laser. This method is improved every year. Dozens of medical institutions offer laser sclerosing and destruction of affected veins. The reason for the popularity of the method is easy to explain - after surgery, patients get rid of varicose veins and leave the clinic healthy.

Laser coagulation of varicose veins came to medicine in the early XXI century, and allowed doctors to advance in the treatment of varicose veins. At the beginning of the introduction of the method into medicine, the cost of the procedure was high, not everyone could use it. During operation, disposable LEDs have been used, a relatively large cost. Gradually, production became cheaper, leading to a reduction in the cost of the procedure. Now everyone in need has the right to treat varicose veins with a laser.

varicose veins on the legs and its laser treatment

How did the operation take place?

During surgery, the doctor directly affects the walls of the affected vein or vessel with laser radiation. The laser emits heat, under the influence of which the sclerosing process continues. Varicose veins are burned and closed.

If we consider in detail the process of burning, the doctor first makes a puncture in the skin. A laser light guide is inserted into the vein. The element runs along the diseased part of the vein. Thanks to the light guide, the light beam is generated with a wavelength of 1500 nm. Hemoglobin in the blood absorbs a specified wave spectrum, depending on the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. When light energy is absorbed by hemoglobin, heat is released into the blood in the veins. There is a "brewing" of diseased vessels with heat released from the inside, the holes are closed. The laser beam only acts on the area of the varicose veins, not harming the surrounding tissue.

To control the process, an ultrasound machine monitor is installed. During the operation, the vessel is protected which does not undergo changes under the influence of disease. For this, a number of injections are given to fill the space around the vein.

After performing the necessary actions, the laser light guide is removed. The radiation emitted by the laser incorporates small particles of the affected vein, which are being welded. Gradually, the sclerotic site dissolves.

laser treatment of varicose veins

The result of the operation is that the blood stops moving along parts of the vascular grid. Deep veins are used to fill the desired area with blood.

For the procedure, the patient is not admitted to the hospital, the process takes place on an outpatient basis. First, ultrasound observations are performed to accurately determine the site of varicose vein development. To select the method of performing the operation, the patient is sent for a complete ultrasound examination.

How to prepare

The EVLK procedure is simple, patients do not need special preparations. You only need to be checked first, to undergo an examination for the presence of restrictions. It is better to conduct research at the institution where the operation is supposed to be carried out. During the examination, the doctor informs the patient about the medications that will be used in the EVLK.

If the patient is allergic to a particular medication, the patient reports the condition to the attending physician prior to the procedure. Also, the patient tells the doctor about the medications taken, perhaps the medications chosen to achieve maximum results and to exclude complications, the doctor will ask you to stop taking them temporarily.

Prior to surgery, patients need to undress and remove jewelry. Metals make adjustments to the way equipment works.

laser treatment of varicose veins

The benefits of the procedure

Laser treatment of varicose veins has many advantages. The main advantages are:

  • This procedure does not require the use of anesthesia;
  • No need to go to the hospital, the operation is done on an outpatient basis;
  • No need to make large slices, just small punctures;
  • Rapid recovery after surgery - 3-5 days;
  • A small number of disease recurrences.

The main advantage of EVLK is that the procedure takes place without surgery. The patient recovered quickly. After a few days, he returned to his normal way of life.

After surgery, it takes a long time to recover. After EVLK, complications and relapses are extremely rare. The recovery period does not bring pain. After the procedure, the patient's symptoms of varicose veins disappear: swelling does not bother, weight in the legs disappears. Blood circulation of the lower limbs is restored. Thanks to the EVLK procedure, patients will not have advanced stages of the disease that lead to the development of ulcers on the skin, thrombophlebitis is unlikely.

When you are unable to perform the procedure

Not every patient with varicose veins in the lower leg is allowed to treat the disease with a laser. The EVLK procedure is not performed if the pathology has progressed to an advanced stage. Sometimes the treatment methods described are combined with surgery.

Laser surgery is used to treat varicose veins when the expansion of the mouth of the main vein does not exceed 1 cm The laser method of treating large veins is ineffective - varicose veins return. EVLK procedure is not performed:

  • with a tendency to form blood clots;
  • with the presence of diseases identified during the examination;
  • with chronic circulatory disorders;
  • if it is impossible to use compression stockings after the procedure;
  • if there is no opportunity to move actively during the recovery period;
  • with high expansion of the saphenous vein;
  • with the presence of inflammatory processes in the puncture area;
  • during pregnancy and after childbirth for several months.

Results and recovery

The EVLK procedure is painless and gentle, after which the patient should adhere to the recommendations during the recovery period. After surgery, it is better for the patient not to walk for several hours, it is better to leave the clinic by car, but not by driving.

sleep rest after laser treatment of varicose veins

When you get home, it is better to sleep, lie down. After a few hours, patients are advised to adhere to an active lifestyle. Do not lie, do not sit, do not stand for long periods of time - such behavior will lead to complications. After the procedure, compression socks are worn to help relieve inflammation and speed up bruising. In two weeks, the doctor advises to undergo an examination and go for an ultrasound scan. Based on the exam results, the doctor will tell you how much more to wear compression stockings.

It is better not to drive long distances for several weeks; while driving, the human circulatory system receives a high load.

Positive dynamics were observed in almost every patient who had undergone a procedure for the destruction of varicose veins on the lower leg. Symptoms and signs of the disease do not appear even after a year. Periodically, there are cases of renewal of varicose veins on the legs. Often, patients who refuse to change their lifestyle get the same results.

Positive results of treatment are achieved in the first year after the procedure to remove the veins in the legs. The vessels and veins of the lower leg, exposed to laser radiation, gradually become slightly noticeable, not returning to a preoperative state. The feeling of heaviness in the legs, "stars from the blood vessels" and other symptoms disappear. One's walking style becomes light and flying.

Every patient should know that in order to prolong the results and maintain the healthy condition of the veins in the legs, lifestyle changes are needed. After treatment, patients should refuse to regularly wear high -heeled shoes, it is better to remove uncomfortable and tight clothing from the wardrobe, try not to stand for long, excluding prolonged physical activity.

It is recommended to monitor your weight and diet. Try to exercise every morning, walk for 30 minutes in the fresh air in the evening. Massage your feet with a stiff brush while bathing.

Everyone who has undergone laser treatment should know that the most positive results can be achieved with complex treatments.